Natural Surfaces

RS3 Turf is forging a solid reputation in the sports field industry at all levels with expert knowledge and thorough execution of sports surfaces. The team utilizes top-of-the-line equipment and employs seasoned operators to consistently exceed expectations. No matter the size of the project, RS3 Turf’s construction and renovation resources are at the ready, including a dedicated superintendent who will oversee all activities from ground breaking to the final walk through. We will operate with total transparency, open communication and collaboration during all stages of construction.

Our Services

Construction & Renovation

In order to meet your needs, RS3 Turf utilizes the correct equipment and employs high-seasoned operators for your project. No matter the size of the task, our resources are at the ready complete with a superintendent to oversee the process from ground breaking to the final walk through. RS3 Turf operates with total transparency, open lines of communication and collaboration to ensure you have access to your project during all stages of the construction and/or renovation.

Our Services


RS3 Turf’s maintenance solutions not only enhance your project, but produce stunning aesthetics and safe playability long after installation. Whether through comprehensive management and maintenance or a systemic application of timely annual or semi-annual practices, our customizable maintenance and services options suit every type of event, season and budget. Our programs can fit virtually any situation whether that be a permanent on-site staple or a safety-net of expertise on an as-need basis.

Additional Services

Project Evaluation

Based on your outlined needs, RS3 Turf will determine the best location area and orientation for your project.

Site Assessment

Before RS3 Turf breaks ground, we ensure your project meets aggressive soil and environmental requirements and if adjustments are needed, we will make recommendations to achieve optimal results.

Surveys & Investigations

RS3 Turf is armed with experienced engineers to perform thorough surveys prior to ground breaking to have an accurate picture of your completed project.

Design & Engineering

Our design specialists will apply their expertise and creativity for the most aesthetically pleasing outcomes for your project.

Sod Assessment

RS3 Turf will determine which variety of grass will be the best selection to install based on the type of sport, traffic, regional location, shade, water restrictions, etc.

Site Drainage

RS3 Turf and our experienced construction crews will ensure high quality drainage is installed and connected to a collection system surrounding the project.

Soil Stabilization

We will ensure the soil properties at the site are ideal to improve strength and healthy durability before completing your project.

Vertical & Horizontal Construction

RS3 Turf understands that no project is complete without backstops, netting, dugouts or concession stands as well as landscaping elements, human traffic essentials, etc. We have the resources ourselves and in our professional partnerships to provide contacts to complete your site.

Laser Grading

RS3 Turf has some of the most technologically advanced grading systems available to provide a highly stable performance platform to build your project.

Natural Products

Black Label Infield Conditioner

• 8″x 20″ mesh size
• Calcined between 1200℉ – 1500℉
• Patented three-part surfactant added
• Reduces surface tension
• Improves filtration rates
• Reduces dust, water usage and maintenance
• Enhances the “cleat in/cleat out” performance

Premium Infield Conditioner

• 8″x 20″ mesh size
• Calcined between 1200℉ – 1500℉
• 100% natural product
• Perfect for maintenance, renovation and/or construction
• Regulates moisture of the infield mix
• Improves drainage

Drying Agent

• 20″x 70″ mesh size
• Calcined between 1200℉ – 1500℉
• 100% natural product
• Dries rapidly
• Can work into conditioner
• Remove after game to prevent layering

bag- mound clay

Red Mound Clay

• Ideal for pitcher’s mounds/circles, catcher’s and/or batter’s boxes
• Indigenous red clay with high clay content
• Ensures durability and optimum compaction
• Pre-hydrated material
• Screened appropriately to bind to existing surfaces


Athletic Chalk

• Bright white appearance
• Applicable for all athletic fields
• Nontoxic, harmless to soil and synthetic turf
• Stainless to clothing
• Applies easily
• 50-pound bags (60 bags per pallet)